Hey Alberta, Let's Talk Wellness!

Wellness can be achieved when all of us, across Alberta, work together.

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What is Wellness?

Wellness is something we build together with our families, schools, communities and workplaces, in our parks and playgrounds, the places we live, the air we breathe and the choices we make.

What makes up Wellness?

Let's Talk

Let's Talk Wellness conversations will be happening across the province and we invite you to take action in ensuring a vibrant future for Alberta and participate in a conversation about wellness!

These conversations will create opportunities for us to discuss wellness and the things in our communities that create it. Supporting Alberta's Strategic Approach to Wellness, these conversations will inform the next steps we take together in building a healthy Alberta.

Partners in Wellness

  • Parents who ensure that their children eat fresh fruits and vegetables

  • Community neighbourhood watch members who make neighbourhoods safe and secure

  • Urban planners who design walkable neighbourhoods

  • Staff and volunteers at an inner city agency, assisting the homeless with food and shelter

  • Government programs and services that support children's growth and development in their early years

We all have a role in creating wellness

Get Involved

Let's Talk Wellness conversations will be happening across Alberta. To learn more about wellness and the factors that contribute to the wellness of Albertans, check out our resources. To stay connected to the Let's Talk Wellness conversation or for more information about hosting a conversation with your community, please sign up below.

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